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Normandy 25th Anniversary Event

The Normandy 25th Anniversary Event


Update 01/11/2015


Vince Hautin and his family are currently on Holiday in the UK until the 7th November, visiting the Highlands of Scotland. 

I met Vince and his family on Friday afternoon in Durham where they had a hotel stop to break their journey.


What a lovely guy he is, so passionate about his subject and he just oozes enthusiasm which gives you that confidence that he is someone you can rely on.  He will be so good for us for this Tour and will be the key to it's success.


I discussed my concerns with him, re. numbers ( Vince himself is also puzzled by the lack of discussion about the Tour on the Club's Facebook page). As I don't what him wasting his time booking a week off work for only a couple people I asked him for his thoughts on this. He needs a minimum of 6 people to make it viable maximum 18 people with an ideal group size being around 12 people (currently we have 5).


In his day job as a Battlefield Tour Guide, he drives his clients around in a tour bus giving a running commentary while they travel and then guides them around the sites. With the end of their season looming, he has been working six days a week/nine hours a day.


For a four day tour (which I assume includes their accommodation) his clients generally pay around 1,200 Euro/ head. these are mainly Americans and Canadians and as I have said before, he has offered to guide us with our Land Rovers for no charge.


I genuinely feel we will be getting the best service he can offer us without paying the real cost. This is an unbelievable golden opportunity to participate in a Tour of professional quality at a minimal cost.


Please take a look at Newsletters 137, 138 and 139 for details.


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