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This Years Club Charity

The 2015 club charity

In 2015, Our Club is calling on you to help the Gurkhas. Their needs have changed. Our once brave strong soldiers are now old men in their 80s and 90s. Their fighting days long over, they spend their days in peaceful but isolated villages in Nepal.

For the past 200 years, Gurkhas have served with British forces in every major conflict, most notably in the two World Wars where they suffered over 40,000 casualties, gaining renown for their courage and loyalty. Indeed, Gurkha soldiers have accumulated 13 Victoria Crosses for their acts of supreme valour. On return from his tour in Afghanistan, where he served alongside the The Royal Gurkha Rifles, HRH Prince Harry said that there was “no safer place” than by the side of a Gurkha.

To mark the 200th anniversary they have launched their “Our Duty of Care” Appeal to raise an extra £6 million to ensure gallant old soldiers and their widows have the standard of living they deserve.

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